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Sapphire HDMI

Sapphire HDMI

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4K/Ultra HD, Supports 3D TVs, In-Wall Rated CMG/FT4 Jacket, Select-Grade Oxygen-Free Copper

WireLogic’s HDMI cables are designed with the goal of minimizing damage to the audio and video signals they carry. This is accomplished with an in-depth understanding of electronic data transfer and a careful selection of high-quality metals such as Select-Grade Oxygen-Free Copper (OFHC) conductors.

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  • Select-Grade OFHC Copper Conductors
  • Directionality Controlled for Improved Sound Quality
  • Ultra-Stable Geometry, Quality Terminations
  • High-Speed HDMI, Supports 3D TVs, In-Wall Rated CMG/FT4 Jacket
  • HDMI Type A Connectors