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10-Outlet SMART Surge Strip

10-Outlet SMART Surge Strip

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WireLogic’s most sophisticated and versatile surge protector

With WireLogic’s new family of Smart Surge power products, valuable electronic devices are properly protected from the AC power spikes and high-frequency noise common to today’s digital world.

All WireLogic Smart Surge devices, however, provide advanced EMI/RFI AC filtering and sophisticated protection circuitry to ensure noise-free performance for today’s sensitive devices. Further, they are designed to effectively reduce energy consumption and minimize energy cost.

Our new X3 Surge Element Technology shields against fire, flame-ups, and melted chassis, while our Zero Ground-Contamination Technology completely avoids all-too-common spike returns, so that today’s valuable A/V devices, home appliances, and office electronics are properly protected. Convenient LED indicators let you know that the circuit is fully operational, grounded, and reliably safeguarding its associated equipment.

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  • X3 Surge Element Technology Shields Against Flame-Ups , Zero Ground-Contamination Technology Prevents Spike Returns
  • Zero Ground-Contamination Technology prevents spike returns
  • 1 Master Control Outlet with LED indicator
  • 4 Energy Saver Outlets with LED Indicators
  • 4 "Always On" Outlet with LED Indicator
  • Two Pairs of Gold-Plated Coaxial Connectors
  • Energy Saver Switch Allows the user to select between two modes of operation: "Energy Saver On" mode and "Surge Protection Only" mode
  • RJ45 & RJ11 Surge Protection